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Ultrasound scans provide invaluable diagnostic information for a variety of conditions in addition to their well-known use during pregnancy. If you need to undergo a scan, the experienced team at Louisiana Center for Women's Health in West Monroe, Louisiana, has three state-of-the-art Samsung ultrasound systems. Their in-house ultrasound technician performs breast, vaginal, vascular, and obstetric ultrasounds. Call the office for more details or book an appointment online today.

Ultrasounds Q&A

What are ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds are scans that use a technology called sonography to create moving images of your body's interior. The Louisiana Center for Women's Health team uses ultrasounds to aid in the diagnostic process.

The ultrasound machine emits high-frequency sound waves to produce the images. These sound waves are out of the range of human hearing, and you can't feel them either. They penetrate the skin and fat, then echo back when they reach soft tissues and organs.

The ultrasound's computer translates the echoes and displays them on a screen, showing your provider whether there are any abnormalities that warrant further investigation.

Ultrasounds are the safest form of diagnostic imaging technology. They don't require any anesthetic or sedation either, as they cause no or minimal discomfort.

When might I need an obstetrical ultrasound?

At Louisiana Center for Women's Health, obstetric ultrasounds are routine throughout pregnancy. They perform numerous functions, including:

  • Calculating due dates
  • Determining the baby's sex
  • Identifying multiple pregnancies
  • Detecting fetal abnormalities
  • Checking placental health

Nearer delivery, ultrasounds can help your provider assess your baby's size and make sure it's in the correct position.

What other types of ultrasounds might I need?

Louisiana Center for Women's Health uses ultrasounds for three main purposes in addition to obstetrical scans:

Breast ultrasound

You might need a breast ultrasound if the tissue in your breast is too dense for the X-rays used in a mammogram to penetrate. Your provider at Louisiana Center for Women's Health could also use ultrasound to assess any suspicious areas showing on your mammogram.

If you're pregnant, you shouldn't have X-rays, so an ultrasound is a safer way of assessing any lumps. If you need a biopsy to take a tissue sample for testing, your provider uses ultrasound to guide the needle.

Vaginal ultrasound

Vaginal ultrasound might be necessary if you have symptoms like irregular periods that could indicate an internal gynecological problem. To perform this procedure, your provider inserts the specially shaped sound wave-emitting transducer into your vagina.

Vascular ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound can detect circulation problems like chronic venous insufficiency – the leading cause of varicose veins.

Louisiana Center for Women's Health has three state-of-the-art Samsung ultrasound machines and an in-house ultrasound technician (sonographer).

To find out more about ultrasounds or schedule a consultation with the patient-centered team at Louisiana Center for Women's Health, call their office or book an appointment online today.